About easykenak

About easykenak

Easykenak is an innovative online platform which minimizes the time required for calculating the energy performance of buildings and the issuance of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). It is certified by the Ministry of Energy, is compatible with TEE-KENAK, the official energy performance calculation engine developed by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) and with Buildingcert, the official EPC repository, developed by the Ministry of Energy. Easykenak has more than 7000 registered users, who are engineers, architects and energy auditors. More than 40000 EPCs are issued every year through our platform.

How it works

The workflow of the application is as follows:
  1. Energy Auditors log into easykenak and submit all data required to calculate energy efficiency. The building outline can be desiged by the auditor using the web interface. Surfaces of the envelope (opaque and transparent) as well as "U" values are calculated automatically using algorithms developed by our team. Auditors can also choose and customize heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation systems.
  2. Once all the data have been submitted, they are processed using the calculation machine “TEE-KENAK”, which is the mandatory calculation engine used by all commercial applications in Greece.
  3. Building energy performance is displayed to the auditors which also have the option to improve the certification rating by selecting from a wide selection of energy efficiency scenarios.
  4. As a last step, auditors download an XML document, fully compatible with the national standards, which can then be uploaded to www.buildingcert.gr, the official platform of the Ministry of Environment for the certification of buildings

State of play

A private release of easykenak has been online since January 2013. In May 2013 it went on public beta and since then it has been updated regularly with new features. The past years easykenak has grown rapidly among the community of greek energy auditors. It currently counts about 1100 users (2016).

We are currently looking into possible cooperation with european partners. If you are interested please contact us at:

About us

We are a team of three young and ambitious engineers from Greece. We are energy auditors ourselves and developed easykenak tailored to the needs of our day-to-day work.